Happiness in the Little Things

We’re coming into my favorite season and this past week I got a reminder of why Summer is so amazing. The weather in Oregon is getting hot which is really rare for this time of year but I can’t get enough because that means that I get to do my writing outside on the deck. (Backyard tour and where I write on my deck will definitely be an entire blog post in the near future!) So with all these amazing things coming I decided to share a few of my favorite things with you guys.



  • Family/Kids – I love summer for the fact that my nieces and nephews are always coming over to play in the pool and raid Uncle Marty’s snack drawer. Nothing makes me happier than hearing the kids playing together in the pool and the playground.11221355_865994766804122_6077525980653541923_n


  • A Good Competition – Anyone who knows me knows that I’m insanely competitive. Anything from water fights to Fitbit step competitions I will compete with everything I’ve got and I will win… Ok I let the kids win sometimes. 😉 but only because they’re so dang cute


  • My Animals – My fur-babies are my children and they know and abuse it. They’re all insanely spoiled and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even the squirrels that live in my backyard tree are spoiled with two buckets of peanuts and seeds that are always filled. We now how two miniature horses, and mama is due in a month with a third. I will post lots of pics. We’re up to 5 dogs now, 3 chihuahua’s, a chubby red Siberian Huskie, and an old man Pyreness we just adopted.11536104_866482140088718_7244989458315226982_n


  • Pushing myself to finish a good workout – This kind of goes along with my hugely competitive side but nothing feels more rewarding than pushing myself and seeing the rewards. Even if the reward was just not dying mid workout. I’ve come so far from when I first started. I used to dread my workouts and now I feel stronger and it makes me want to push harder. When I started, I needed help bench pressing the bar. Now I can do 70 pounds, but I feel it. My goal is a 100 pounds. I’m not trying to be a weight lifter, no way, but I want to meet that goal to do 100 pounds 20 reps comfortably. I can finally see definition in some of my muscles and it makes me work harder. Dieting is the hardest part, but I’m getting there with a lot of grumbles when my fit hubby munches on candy all day long 🙂


  • Writing – There are days when it is so hard to write, and there are other days when it just flows out of me. I love those days. The sun certainly helps. I’m inspired by it and love so much to put my words on the computer screen. What a joy writing gives me. And the best part is I can combine it with the rest of my life. We can go camping and when everything settles down I can pull out my computer and type away, refreshed from the day’s adventures. When I’m at conferences and inspired I can rush to my room and work half the night. There’s never enough time in a day. I love my job and I love that you are all so supportive of it. Thank you.
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