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First Time Flying with my Daughter


First time Flying with my Daughter


My daughter has a little 1976, 4-seater Cessna and spent about 6 months becoming a private pilot. Why? Because she thought it would be fun. To me, flying in a small sardine can 5000 feet above a perfectly stable land mass isn’t exactly my idea of fun, but boy does she smile when she’s soaring in the sky at the controls of her little red and white plane.


Of course, the dreaded question, asking me if I’d like to go up in the air was coming, so the first thing I did was grab my handy dandy electric wine bottle opener and fill my deepest wine glass (the one that holds about half a bottle) and I guzzled it down. After the pretty glass was empty, I decided I could do this. Of course that meant my daughter had to be the one driving us to the airport as well, and for those who know me, know I am just as terrified being a passenger with a teenager driving a car. My husband was definitely the one who gave the kids driving lessons. I’m not even ashamed to admit it. I love life and prefer not putting it in jeopardy with a teenage driver. 🙂



This drive wasn’t so bad though. I realized the wine was doing its job. We met her friend, a pilot with over a 1000 hours, at the airport and the three of us walked around the plane a few times. I was still feeling pretty good. Thank you wine!! Finally it was time to climb onboard. For this voyage, my daughter was in the backseat, and I was riding co-pilot with Drew. He flies planes for a living so I’m in capable hands, or so I think.


We get on the runway and it’s time to take off. I’m feeling a bit nervous here, but everything goes smoothly, no turbulence, no bumps and then we’re soaring in the beautiful evening sky. I get to look down as we fly over my small town and I’m thinking this isn’t so bad. But then we keep on going. We’re up for about an hour now, and the affects of my beautiful glass of wine are beginning to wear off when Drew tells me we’re going to do a stall. For those who don’t know, a stall is when you tip the nose of the plane up so high, the engines shut down and you free fall until you get them going again. No engine!! Yeah, so not happening!! You can imagine the look I sent his way. Of course he was amused, laughing at this. After threatening his life, he decides he’d best not terrify me. We head back to the airport. As we get close he tells me we’re going to do some touch and goes. This is where you land and take off and then do it again. Once more I gave him the look and he decided he’d probably better drop me off before playing Maverick in the skies. He certainly wasn’t anything like Cooper Armstrong, my hero from Turbulent Intentions, though he’s definitely good looking enough to fill in, he would just need a few more hours under his belt. Cooper owns a few of his own small planes and takes Stormy on some adventures during the course of the series of books. I wish I was as brave as my characters.


Once I was safely back on ground, I enjoyed the show as he did his touch and goes. Then he lands for the last time and says to me “Remember when I told you not to be frightened until the pilot is scared?” I look at him and slowly say “Yeessss.” He says “good thing you got off, the plane had an issue and I almost had to do an emergency landing.” As you can imagine that was my last flight. I’m going to leave the sardine can planes to those crazy people who wear stripes on their shoulders. I’m happy to just stay on the ground and write my stories about the sexy men in uniform. Make sure you see some of these crazy adventures in my Turbulent Series, first book “Turbulent Intentions” up for pre-order now, on sale August 9th.

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